Solvan Frisk
Solvan Frisk
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Solvan Frisk is a former minister of The 12 Colonies.

A Gift to the WorldEdit

"And on this day, the Galaxy will receive it's greatest gift, it's greatest weapon...A chance to defeat the Empire."

Solvan Frisk was born on Republica. He never knew his parents, as supposeably his father had died before he was born and his mother had died giving birth to him. The Churches in Republica had him sent to live with a few locals. Narcissa and Lance Frisk were respected individuals in their community. Both members of the Rebel Alliance, Narcissa served as a Senator from her homeplanet of Naboo. Lance, on the other hand, was an Admiral in the Alliance. One of the best Pilots this galaxy has ever seen, he fought many battles against the undying Empire.

Growing up in a Civil WarEdit

Early YearsEdit

"Difficult times are among us, but those select individuals who are willing to fight for what is right, they will be rewarded."

Solvan Frisk wasn't your average child. Growing up, most kids liked to enjoy themselves with games and fun activities. Solvan, on the other hand, liked to study. He studied everything from flying a starship to delegating a committiee. He learned and taught and studied for many years.

Time to Leave HomeEdit

Solvan Frisk left home when he was 16. He traveled between Alderaan and Republica regularly, acting as a member of the Rebel Alliance Senate for Alderaan. However, when he turned 18, he was finally allowed to join the Rebel Alliance Navy. This did not last long. A Sith Lord named Isoldor Storm came one day to Republica and offered him a job as a Minister in The 12 Colonies.

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