YT-510 Solitaire
Hyperspeed: 15
Sublight: 130 MGLT
ECM: 2

Owned by Syn, the Solitaire originally existed as a nameless and unmodded standard YT-510 Arcrunner while Syn held the rank Lieutenant (Junior Grade) within the Imperial Navy (around Oct. 2001). It was left to her in the will of her good friend, Admiral IWAssassin, after his forced resignation as Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy and subsequent public suicide in the midst of an operation of galactic scale known as From The Ashes. Originally the freighter had been purchased with the combined funds between the two of them as part of a covert fleet outside of Naval jurisdiction, but this never came to pass, and it fell instead into Syn's hands. She named it the Solitaire and it has not left her sight since.

After several years, through a stroke of good fortune, she received a number of modifications to the personal freighter after entering a variety of large games, and purchased a few mods as well for 30 million credits. This enabled her to upgrade the Solitaire to its present status, with greatly increased speed (both the hyperdrive and sublight drive), carrying capacity, and ECMs. Though debateable, it has since become well known as the fastest ship in the galaxy, its speed impossible to increase or exceed given modern technological limitations.

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