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[16:42:32] Snipester: sadsksdfjsdjkl;asdfkl;asdfjkl;!!!!

[16:42:37] Snipester: And you all know what THAT means!

[16:42:53] TembreFell: You fell on your keyboard?

[16:42:59] LickyLen: no, Snipe, what DOES that mean?

[16:43:30] Snipester: Damnit. You were all supposed to ignore that. Anyway, TembreFell was close...well, no he wasn't. It means exactly what it says. The literal intepretation, of course!

[16:43:43] TembreFell: It's sanskrit?

[16:44:13] TembreFell: Pictish?

[16:44:23] TembreFell: Lebanese?

[16:44:26] Jii|tunez: i see u r not a stranger to typing skillz

[16:44:41] Jii|tunez: i see the layout of your hands in that interesting sentence

[11:06:39] David_Salohah: kast, my personal life is my own busienss

[11:06:52] Snipester: Your personal life is your business? Would that make you a prostitute?

[17:43:26] RCT_Kerid_Vaizier: alright, XSnyper and SYn criminals, alright?

[17:43:31] Thrawn24: :)

[17:43:33] `SyN`: Okay

[17:43:40] RCT_Kerid_Vaizier: IWA and Snipester will be ISB

[17:43:40] Yrelnana: what bout me?

[17:43:46] Snipester: You can sell hot dogs.

[17:49:06] IWAssassin: set pistol to explode

[17:49:34] * Yrelnana sets his pistol to "Kill the swelling on contact".

[17:49:58] * IWAssassin sets his rifle to "miss"

[17:49:58] * Snipester sets his pistol on the table.

[17:49:59] Snipester: DOH!

[17:41:23] * `SyN` looks around for screaming ladies

{17:41:35] * Snipester screams.

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