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Slicer is an Imperial Admiral who served in the Imperial Core, Dark Empire and Galactic Empire. At the height of his career in late Year 9 he was promoted to Grand Admiral and appointed Minister of Defence, commanding the entire Imperial Military under Emperor Vodo Bonias. Following a power struggle between Slicer and Arturus Goth he was demoted to Fleet Admiral and moved aside from his post as Defence Minister. Shortly after Goth became Regent, Slicer was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Admiral Calor Assam


The man known more prominently as Slicer enlisted with the Imperial Core in Year 2 under the leadership of Admiral Jennifer Dreighton. He continued to serve through the reorganization into the Dark Empire where he first came into contact with Emperor Vodo Bonias. Shortly before the infamous merger with the Galactic Empire Slicer joined what would become the semi-secret Order of the Dark Hand underneath Vodo. Commanded at the time by Admiral Machkhit, Slicer served at the rank of Captain, leading the former Emperor's starfighter units.

The Order was at the center of conflict not long after the merger between the two Empires when Emperor Charon sent ISB Director Byden to seize control of the Order's ships with the help of Admiral Machkhit. Vice Admiral Dreighton was arrested on board the flagship Darkness and the fleet was flown back to Coruscant. On arrival, Vodo and Darth Knyte reinstated the Order and freed the captive Admiral. To prevent another potential civil war from breaking out, Grand Admiral Veynom arrived to help settle the issue diplomatically. It was then determined that the newly revealed Sith Lord Uebles should lead the Empire, with Vodo Bonias as his Exector while Emperor Charon chose to abandon the Empire and enter exile.

Captain Slicer served diligently through most of the reign of Emperor Uebles, briefly taking command of the Order until he was struck with an illness which prevented him from serving, regretfully, in the Battle of Beta. He recovered shortly into Emperor Vodo's reign. Upon return to active service, he was introduced by the new Emperor to Zerk, a skilled administrator who had risen through the ranks quickly in the aftermath of Beta. As Emperor Vodo took power and organized his administration, he placed Zerk at the head of the Navy. Wanting some change in his career, and some possibilities to branch out, Captain Slicer turned down the Emperor's offer to rejoin the Order, and instead asked the Emperor for a commission in the Imperial Navy. Slicer quickly became freinds with Admiral Zerk since the two had many similiar qualities and interests, and soon the Captain found himself serving in the 2nd Sector Fleet underneath his former commander, Machkhit, as well as Commodore Incubus Kaine.

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