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Slayn and Korpil was created by Rebel Alliance Colonel Jeff Knight just after his service with the Rebel Alliance had ended. Slayn and Korpil was founded in the hopes that, along with other sympathetic ship producers, the Alliance would be provided with the starships it so desperately needed. Currently however, Slayn and Korpil has no affiliation with the Rebel Alliance. Slayn and Korpil does however have shipbuilding agreements with Mandalore, though the company is always looking to expand their contracts with other governments, and continues to service the always changing needs of the galactic population.

Slayn and Korpil currently operates out of Abrion Major, in the Abrion Sector, under agreement with Mandalore. The faction is currently led by Aidon Sadow.


Thank you for choosing Slayn and Korpil. We provide ships for personal, business, and even government needs. Whether it be the military might of the YV-666, the cargo space and defense of the Modular Conveyor, the good old Barloz Freighter, or the hefty and powerful Byblos G-1A, you can be sure that Slayn and Korpil will provide you with the means to get the job done.

If you are interested in joining Slayn and Korpil, please visit our website at, or send a message to Aidon Sadow.


Oct 15 2006, 08:32 AM Our shipyard is currently under construction: It will be completed on day 362.

Credit for building the shipyard goes to: - Zek Djo (Faction XO of Slayn and Korpil) - Chicotae Silverfeather (Senior Engineer of Slayn and Korpil) - Tyr DeMeer (Mandalore) - Andrew Panzer (MandalMotors) - Nes Nej (MandalMotors)

Well done!

Sep 20 2006, 11:18 AM Here are the prices which will be used for the time being:

Prices for ships: - YV's: 6.5m - Mod Cons: 5.25m - Barloz: 1.75m - Byblos: 700k

Discounts: - 5 - 10 ships: 5% - 11 - 20 ships: 10% - more than 20: 12.5%

Contact me for more information.

Sep 18 2006, 04:06 PM Slayn and Korpil is organized into 2 distinct boards.

1) Board of Trustees 2) Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees shall consist of the following.

Board Roster:

President - Jeff Knight Vice President - Rictor Velos Senior Trustee - Dash Knight Senior Trustee - Daner Warren Trustee - Raven Lumi Trustee - Aidon Sadow Trustee - Derfflinger von Seydlitz

The Board shall make long term policy decisions regarding the business aspect of S&K.

The Board of Directors branch will consist of the:

1) Chief Executive Officer (Faction Leader) - Aidon Sadow 2) Director of Operations (Faction 2IC) - Zek Djo 3) Director of Security - Farzel Shadowalker 4) Director of Production and R&D - Bentron Grant 5) Director of Logistics and Human Resources - Raven Lumi

These positions will be filled by a vote of the Board of Trustees and will report regularly to them on the status of their divisions.

So ordered, President Jeff Knight



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