CORUSCANT - News from the Imperial palace today indicates a major coup for COMPForce. Lieutenant Colonel Maxamillion Power of COMPForce, COMPNORs elite special operations and internal security force, executed former Captain Jamie Walters. Walters was discovered to be, after a lengthy investigation, a Jedi and Colonel Power was sent to deal with him.

When asked if facing a Jedi posed any problems, Colonel Power replied, �The Jedi are weak and are no match for the power of the Dark Side.�

His statement proved accurate as Walters was captured and slain with almost no effort on the Colonels part. In a related event a Navy Crewman first class, Rluso K Dark was also captured and executed by Lieutenant Colonel Power as part of an ongoing conspiracy investigation by COMPForce. Evidence gathered over the past few months indicated that Dark was in collaborations with members of the New Anzat Order in a plot to assassinate the Emperor of the known galaxy Vodo Bonias.

When reached for comment the head of COMPForce, Major General Joshua Chamberlain had this to say, �Crewman Dark was implicated in a plot to provide aid and comfort to the enemy and to try and destroy our infrastructures at the very top. It appears he was acting alone, which to my mind is no surprise, What I do find surprising is that anyone can think they can plot against the security of the Empire and not get caught. It really baffles me. I would like to take this time to point out the excellent work of Lieutenant Colonel Power, he truly is a credit to the Empire.�

General Chamberlain informed us that his department is ever vigilant and will continue to place the security of the Emperor and the Empire above all else. We�ll keep you updated on further news from the Imperial palace as it occurs.

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