[19:38:31] +Sin : If I put my penis under my pillow, will I wake up and find a condom on it in the morning?

[19:38:42] Kismyra : Only one way to find out...

[19:39:03] +Sin goes to sleep!

[19:39:25] Lord_Arklari : Wait... how would that work?

[19:39:30] Kismyra : Just make sure to keep an eye out for the ether bunny.

[19:39:32] Lord_Arklari : You'd have to be pretty flexible.

[19:39:43] Nwabudike_Morgan : ^

[19:39:45] Lord_Arklari : Unless you put the pillow on your penis.

[19:39:52] +Sin : It's a fairy, it can do whatever it wishes

[19:39:58] Solvan : 0.o

[19:39:59] Lord_Arklari : In which case, your penis is not under the pillow.

[19:40:04] Lord_Arklari : The pillow is on your penis.

[19:40:19] +Sin : Either way, as long as there is some penis-pillow action going

[19:40:26] Solvan : lol

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