An Imperial Star Destroyer captured through the work of Keir Santage, Finn Setanta and Squall Chitose, who were working under the financing of the Falleen Federation's King Eldrik Kuraine.

The battle was fought chiefly through the attackers bringing aboard large amounts of Battle Droids under their command, and fighting the Imperial stormtroopers aboard the ship.

Notable incidents included the wookiee Ralgarrch squeezing into a turbolift maintenance shaft to chase the more nimble Siather during her attempts at escape, Keir Santage accidentally tossing an extra grenade into a fray resulting in damage to his own battle droids, the death of Doug the Battledroid, and the baking of cookies in the messhall after the battle was concluded by Adam A Flynn. Keir Santage also managed to rescue an injured female imperial officer from a bacta tank, however it is unclear what happened to her after she escaped with him. Vir Calder, a member of the Imperial High Command, mysteriously disappeared during this event; Imperials assumed Calder was in leagues with the Falleen Federation and placed a bounty for his capture.

Santage presented the ship to King Kuraine, who then turned and gifted it to Hapan officer Alex Tylger, in whose possession it remains today.

As a result of the capture of the Shadowstone, the Galactic Empire attacked the Fallen Federation stronghold at Beta

The red scenario was moderated by Navik Ikron, Tabaka and Ranofer Zedlav.

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