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Azarin Isard

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Year 7 Day 200

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Shadowbane Syndicate


Founded in the Bilbringi system, on year 7 day 200. Shadowbane Syndicate was established to supply the galaxy with information and security. Shadowbane Syndicate pride itself on providing nothing less then the best to its clients we demand nothing short of perfection from our staff & know that our clients expect it from us.

Starting as a non-faction organization, Shadowbane Syndicate quickly picked up momentum to become a fully fledged faction. The idea seemed to be a success under the demanding leadership of its founder Utono Brutza the group prospered. Then out of the vastness of space the enigmatic Devaronian Eshaar Gnor stepped forward to take control of the company.

Shadowbane is here to provide the information you need at the costs you can afford. We can supply anything ship movements, how many are traveling through that system you're plotting to take control of. Don't settle for less we can provide you with the information you need. If you happen to be one who likes to know what is happening in the galaxy then perhaps you should join us & provide that information to the people.


Shadowbane Syndicate has many services to offer.

  • Scanning
  • Reduced Price GNS Posting
  • Transportation
  • Valuable Information and Intelligence Gathering
  • Middling
  • Facility Management and construction.
  • Sysat T-20 and T-24 Satellites
  • Sysat T-20 and T-24 Datacards
  • Scanning
  • Prospection

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