It is unknown who or what created the Seelecron, or what its actual name is, however it was discovered during an archaelogical dig in the Outer Rim and purchased by a private collector, Aret Morem. Aret was later assassinated by Imperial Intelligence as part of their operations to eliminate competitors to Kuat Drive Yards within the Kuat system, and the Seelecron was found amongst his possessions and deemed of interest. Analysed briefly by the Bureau of Analysis' Technology department they were unable to clarify its origin, components or purpose. Aret had simply used it as an art-piece due to its red glowing patterns. Unable discern or replicate the technology or find a use for the device, it was placed into the Imperial Intelligence Archives within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.


During an investigation into the Imperial Intelligence Archives, Seele who was then the Bureau Chief of Analysis, came across the unknown artefact and through accident discovered the device's potential to store gargantuan amounts of data. With no indication of how much data could be stored within the device Seele copied the entire series of Imperial Intelligence databases onto the device, which had previously been stored on multiple storage systems due to their enormous size and the limits of current storage technology. The transfer of data took twelve days and he was amazed to discover that the device was capable of storing much more data. Seeing the potential for the device Seele withdrew it from the archives, labelled its entry as "Destroyed During Tests" and kept it for his own use.

Passing HandsEdit

After his resignation as the Director of Imperial Intelligence and leaving the Galactic Empire after the overthrowing of Emperor Charon, Seele took the device with him to the Jedi Praxium where it served as a powerful tool in his new role as the Director of Information Services. With his resignation from the intelligence realms, Seele gave the device to his successor, Kyp von Exodus. It is after this transition that the device earned the nickname the Seelecron.

Following the death of Kyp von Exodus, the Seelecron vanished. Those who'd known Kyp, and of his possession of the device, eagerly sought evidence of its whereabouts. It was an exercise in futility as to this day, the exact location (or even of whom possesses it) remain unknown.

Benefits of PossessionEdit

It is rumoured that whoever possesses the Seelecron will have access to the sum of all of Seele's knowledge, as well as be able to converse with an imprint of Seele's consciousness from his time as Director of Imperial Intelligence.

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