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  • Sarin Boda (Year 1)
  • Bar Cochba (Year 2)
  • Dargon Yotam (Year 2)
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Choibacco (Year 1)

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Bounty Hunter Alliance


Year 1 Day 197[1]


Year 2 Day 129[2]

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Sarin Inc. (Archived)

Sarin Incorporated — more commonly known as Sarin Inc. — was a Neutral Faction Group (NFG) in the Star Wars Combine. Headquartered on the planet of Tatooine, the group was founded in Year 1 by Andrew "Sarin Boda" Miller, and immediately became a staunch ally of Galactic Transport Service, the Black Dragons and the Raptor Pirates. Following an exodus by the majority of its membership, Sarin Inc. was transformed by Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam into a new company: Outrider Trading.[2]

Notable early members of this organization included Ocker and Zindrew.[3]


In the early years of the Star Wars Combine, only the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, Black Sun and the Bounty Hunter Alliance were permitted to be the primary factions. All other organizations, such as Sarin Inc., were categorized as "Neutral Faction Groups" (NFGs).

As a neutral faction group, Sarin Incorporated was a generic company which stocked and traded a variety of items, such as ships and droids. They aimed to give their customers a place to purchase all their needs and a place to even sell their unwanted artifacts when they were ready to upgrade.[4]


Sarin Incorporated was created by Sarin Boda, Ann-Yael Antaria and Hobo Raff on Year 1 Day 197.[1] The majority of its employees were ex-members of the Bounty Hunter Alliance (BHA) and had departed the latter faction due to a disagreement with the high command. Once Sarin Inc. was founded, Choibacco was appointed Vice President of the company. Choibacco's future wife, Ann-Yael Antaria, was appointed their ambassador to the New Anzat Order (NAO) during the rule of President Dunkler Klerus.[5]

However, Sarin Inc. soon fell into disarray and a large portion of its membership egressed with Choibacco and Ann-Yael Antaria to form Arakyd Industries.[5] Those who remained behind — notably Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam — decided to rebuild Sarin Incorporated under a new name. On Year 2 Day 129, they founded "Outrider Trading."[2]


  • Sarininc old banner (Year 1)
  • Sarin Incorporated Banner Y2D1 (Year 2)

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