Self made trading master. Has accumulated an incredible amount of wealth and trading reputation during his lifetime. As people would say during his early years in the market, "Everything he touches turns to gold!"

The Sam-Daaz trade name.Edit

Sam Daaz (Year?-Year 9 Day 77) was the founder of the Sam-Daaz Limited Liability Corporation. A modern example of the art of trade on the right hands. From the backwaters of the galaxy this iconoclast has worked his way up the ladder and now his name has become an international brand. As sole owner of the Sam-Daaz Corporation, he became one of the richest and best-known people in the galaxy. He is credited with "Daazism", that is, the mass trade of large numbers of inexpensive ships, vehicles and stocks utilizing all of the trade networks in the galaxy.

As a traveler of many sectors and ambassador of success, the icon has established many lasting friendships. The Sam-Daaz name is welcomed by many as a bearer of good news, advice and as a welcome ally in the vast trading networks around the galaxy.

An icon capable of achieving everything.Edit

The Sam-Daaz Brand is based on excellence in trading in the galactic trading network. Whether the market is on its rise or on the frequent down trends the icon continues to excel at maximizing profit with a crystal clear reputation.

But this is no overnight story, this corporation has survived three market crashes, the longest single raffle of all time (aprox. 1 yr.), sold the largest quantity of the cheapest YT-1300s, and countless of obstacles that have been turned around each time through hard work and dedication into ridiculous profits.

The owner of this corporation is by far recognized among his contemporary peers as the biggest youngest rising star in trading since the Big Bang. When some of his peers failed to make a sale on their assets, they would make it over to the Sam-Daaz LLC and sure enough it would be gone in a day or two (sometimes in seconds) to the amazement of friends and acquaintances.

Through the veins of the Sam-Daaz Limited Liability Corporation pumps pure liquid capitalist wealth, which no one can question.


The Sam-Daaz LLC has an unlimited array of products: Freighters, Fighters, Capital Ships, Droids, Trading Stations, Casinos, Commerce Centers, Civic Centers, Stocks and anything else that can be traded, mined or built.

For purchases, corporate news and inquiries visit or contact a Sam-Daaz dealership near you.

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