Green salliche

Orbital view of Salliche from Old Republic records

Salliche is the crown jewel of the Ag Circuit, which provides the Core Worlds (such as Coruscant) with enough food to sustain their many billions of inhabitants. Perhaps due to its importance as the breadbasket of the Empire, the planet's location was kept secret for many years. Only recently was it revealed that Salliche was in the Deep Core, relatively close to the Abregado system.

Salliche is peopled primarily by humans, and (oddly) a small population of wayward Gungan immigrants. Practically nobody of any importance hails from Salliche, unless farmers, tractor mechanics, and grain barons are important in your book.

The planetary government is located in the city of Netassa, where the long-established, aristocratic Harbright family has long influenced affairs.

This planet is also the site of the famous Vaults of Narner, a burial ground that has been repeatedly excavated (some would say "looted") by treasure hunters.

Salliche spymap

Possible map of Salliche, recovered from the wreckage of a spy satellite

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