The Saarai-kaar is the leading spiritual leader of the Jensaarai Force Tradition. This individual is charged with maintaining the studies of the Unifying Force and contributing this study to his/her acolytes.

The Saarai-kaar also have lesser 'priests' in the form of Kissai and Kissai'ari. These priests assist the Saarai-kaar in their teaching as well as ministering to those without the Force to help guide them.

Succession of Saarai-kaar can only be obtained from death of the current Saarai-kaar or by a ritual of passage to a proposed new Kissai'ari who is worthy.

Past and Present Saarai-kaar Edit

1.) Benethor Draygo (died, circa Year 9, Day 270)
2.) Jojoban Mosque (current)

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