SYT Transport LLC is a freelance transport service. It is not a faction. Owned, began, and led by Sheng-Ji Yang and Kael Ta'em, it is becoming one of the premier transporting services in the Galaxy by using a very competitive price system and aggressive marketing tactics. A motto of SYT is First time customer, second time friend.


SYT Transport LLC offers a variety of transporting services. They will transport people, NPC's, items, droids, vehicles, and ships for both private and corporate clientel. SYT LLC can cover short-term and long-term transporting missions across a sector, or across the Galaxy. SYT LLC also has a history of contracting with customers, primarily companies and factions to help service the Galaxy in its transporting needs. SYT LLC also has a very strict policy regarding the safety, security, and confidentiality of its customers and their business.


Comprised of an assortment of personal fighters, freighters and capitol ships, SYT is ready to pick anything up anywhere due to its own personally owned and operated fleet of ships.

Pilots and Employees

Along with its own fleet, SYT LLC has four squadrons of pilots to manage and fly its many operations and missions. All pilots fly SYT or personal ships which have been approved by the Commodore and owner, Kael Ta`em.

Freelance Philosophy

SYT Transport LLC has a strict philosophy on how it stands politically in the Galaxy. Remaining as a freelance corporation allows SYT LLC to make business with any person or faction- no matter the customer's political stance is. SYT policy ensures that its pilots and employees will retain this galactically neutral stance in order to be able to offer service to anyone. This unique approach has enabled SYT LLC to grow in such a way that factions and other faction-affiliated entities are unable to grow in.


SYT Transport LLC is an equal opportunity employer employing all able-bodied and active members of the Star Wars Combine. SYT Transport LLC does not contract pilots. Basic SYT employment philosophy is "you fly, you get paid." Due to its freelance position, SYT Transport LLC does not employ anyone who is a member of a faction or faction-affiliated company. Basic skills for SYT pilots is a minimum of 3 for fighter/freighter piloting. Exceptions can be negotiated and SYT is willing to train pilots to meet the required minimum.

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