SYT Transport
An SYT promotional poster.
Name SYT Transport
Founding Date Year 7 day 273
Faction Type Trade and Transport Business
Head of the Faction Darlene Bazinga
Second-in-command Algol Starrunner
Capital Sector Classified
Capital System Classified
Capital Planet Classified
Capital City Classified
Membership Anyone.
Motto "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, SYT will get you there."

SYT Transport is a transport faction founded by Sheng-ji Yang and Kael Ta`em. SYT operates throughout the galaxy. SYT’s goal is to provide the affordable transportation of PCs, NPCs, ships, vehicles, droids, supplies and raw materials to factions and individuals to all points of the galaxy with no questions asked. To this end, SYT maintains a policy of neutrality in galactic political and military affairs.

On an internal level, SYT is a casual company in philosophy. They are friends first, and they don’t sell each other out. They are also a largely democratic group in that all major decisions that are to be made are often put up for a vote from the entire company. SYT also maintain a fly for pay policy: If you fly, you get paid. There are other duties in the company where you will earn pay even if you don’t fly, however.

SYT maintains two holosites, one of which is it's front page at which provides potential clients and employees with needed information on SYT, and the second is this forum at [] which serves as SYT's central hub of mission assignment, information distribution and general communications.

SYT's FleetEdit

SYT maintains a wide variety of ships in order to carry out the requests of our clients. SYT pilots will find themselves flying many ships, ranging from fighters to capitol starships depending on client needs. Because of the size of SYT’s fleet, pilots do not need to own their own ship, but owner/operators are welcomed, and several pilots in SYT own multiple ships which are often used for SYT business. Pilots can expect to be assigned the right ship per their mission requirements.


SYT is organized in to Wings, with individual pilots assigned to each wing. Pilots will typically receive missions and other instructions from their Wing Commanders, however it is not unheard of to receive assignments directly from the senior staff depending on the situation. Pilots report directly to Wing Commanders, who in turn report to the senior staff. This is the suggested chain of command, but due to the relaxed nature of the company, chain of command rarely comes in to play unless it gets really busy.

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