Lieutenant Commander Ryou Sonder Vacosa

Personal Information
Name: Ryou Sonder Vacosa
Birth date: Hapan Date: Year 4009 Day 110
Date of Death:
Home World: Lorell
Species: Hapan
Marital Status: Single
Physical Description
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 160 lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Father: James Ing - Deceased
Mother: Adriana Garner-Ing - In Hiding
Brother: Baracan Vacosa
Close Friends: Lionola Ayun

Born kicking and screaming into a world full of privileges and a family of high regard in Hapan society, the young boy Ryou (born by the name of Virik Ing) was born on the 4009th year of the Hapes Consortium as the heir of one of the most popular hotel franchises on the planet Lorell. His father was James Ing and his mother Adriana Ing had spent their entire lives building up the power house of a franchise they owned before deciding to have children.

Ryou the Boy

Ryou the Imperial

Ryou the Director
After leaving the Galactic Empire Virik spent a short time freelancing himself out to the highest bidder in order to make ends meet from week to week. Soon how ever he met Eboda Raas to after paying him for a few personal transport operations organized a job placement at Kuat Drive Yards as the assistant Transport and Logistics Director. Soon though he proved his worth and replaced the standing Director. But after a while in this position the same niggle that made him leave his position in the Galactic Empire returned and after a heated discussion with the ship producing factions CEO, Myn Donos, he cut loose and ran back to the safest haven in the galaxy he knew, the Hapes Cluster and his birth place the city Avalon.

Ryou the Hapan Officer
Shortly after returning to the cluster, Virik mixed back with the crowd of his youth and soon found himself gun running again. A wake up call was delivered when his parents was taken hostage by a rival runner. Shortly after he ceased all his activities and concentrated all his resources on freeing his mother. After a month of planning the operation was put into action. Sadly his father was killed and his mother deeply traumatized by the violence that she had witnessed. Virik ordered his crew to take their ship and him mother and hide on the other side of the galaxy until he had resolved the issue. Things only got worse and with no ship to skip system he needed an escape plan. It was remembering back to a few month earlier when he had by chance got speaking to a member of the Hapan Naval forces. He spoke highly of the pros and almost had him signing the papers that night thanks to the 3 bottles of whiskey they had drunk that last night between the two of them. His mind was set, he had spent too much time and effort in breaking Hapan laws, time to enforce them. But he still had the issue of being a marked person, spending the last of his wealth to pay for one last dubious act he changed his identity and joined the Royal Hapan Navy as Ryou Vacosa, where up to this date he has enjoyed a very productive and ever moving forward career where he has reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

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