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"It's like someone tossed a manka cat] and a woolamander] into a blender."
— Han Solo

The Ryn were a humanoid species, with prehensile tails, beak-like noses, long fingers, white hair, and distinctive odor. They were a nomadic species native to the Core Worlds. They were spread over the galaxy, their original homeworld forgotten, even to them. They had two theories: the first being that they were descended from thousands of musicians hired out to a world swept clean of artists, the second that they were the descendents of mercenaries deployed against an Inner Rim threat. The second gained credence due to the fact that the Ryn language contained many military words and phrases, most notably the fact that the words for non-Ryn and civilian were related.

"We're a Superstitious folk..."

Due to their homelessness, musical talent, natural secrecy, and avoidance of written records, Ryn developed a gypsy-like culture and a reputation for con artistry, leaving many species prejudiced against them.

In some sector's it was legal to enslave or hunt Ryn. Their language was outlawed in many locations, and a large number of Ryn women were used as slave breeders.

The largest concentration of Ryn was located in the Corporate Sector due to the fact that it was remote from those who would persecute them, and a Ryn healer saved the life of a CSA Executive Officer. The Ryn claimed to have invented sabacc, originally as a means of divination. They were a very musical people, being able to play their beaks like flutes. They could even call droids with them, by being able to play pitches very precisely.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ryn's status as a stateless people possibly descended from mercenaries with a talent for music and divination, and the hatred of many other species, makes them clearly based on the Gypsies. One Ryn is even named Romany, the term used to describe the Gypsies by themselves.


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