The following is my piece meal attempt to record my journey through the stars for future generations to learn from.

Year 8 Day 346 Edit

Well the (not so) up and coming Pirate Faction "Black Nebula" Has yet to accept my Join Request. Which was, Submitted 3 days ago. Year 8 Day 343, 19:08 Your application request has been sent to the Black Nebula. Appears they're not exactly the quickest at accepting new members. It appears my days as a wannabe thief may never even be numbered. You'd almost think they didn't even have anyone managing accepting new members...But of course that cannot be true.

On another note, CSA has done it again. After i took time out of my busy day to speak with Midge, Leader of CSA regarding the capture of a Thief his faction had once employed they decide to cut me out of the action. Arcant Renatus really is a rather rude Sentient. So what do I do? I contact Deloth Ran and offer him Free Transport and a small fighter in order to keep himself out of harms way. Sometimes my Generosity amazes even myself.

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