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The Kel Dor was born to an adoptive family who lived on Hapes and adopted children around the galaxy to hopefully get a better life for them. Rick was the oldest of his brothers and sisters. From there he started working at a local ship repair shop for locals in the area of Hapes. Rick Olie started flying when he was a kid earning a reputation as "Reckless Rick" for his hot-rodding flights through the skies of Hapes.

Rick Olie was noticed by local authorities and was taken in to fly a YV-666 for the Hapan Logistics. Rick was happy in Logistics but wanted something more and went to the Royal Hapan Navy. From there he met some interesting pilots. Got a few promotions to be able to fly a Nova Battlecruiser. Rick was soon in the middle of the Black Sun and Hapan war on Lorell. Rick got the privilege of serving under Andrew Starfyre. Rick soon got the attention of Phoenix High Guard Rainey and was recruited to the privileged division of Phoenix.

Rick served in Phoenix for a few months but then got offered a job at III but was later elected to become President of Endeavor Corporation in which he got in with the big time. Endeavor was then dissolved and Rick found himself needing a new job.

Rick went back to where he was welcomed the best, Hapes Consortium. The King offered a job with the Navy but was able to join the Marines as Fleet Commanding Officer.

Now about 45 years of age. Rick is currently battling against paranoid schizophrenia by taking medications everyday.

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