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Arklari Clise / Orannis Yrael


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Year 5 Day 80

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Rendili StarDrive

Rendili StarDrive (RSD) is one of the oldest shipwrights of the galaxy and it is currently based in Moddell sector.

Short HistoryEdit

Rendili StarDrive is a starship-manufacturing company, that can trace its existence back to the foundation of the Old Republic. It has produced many great ships over that time period and some of them are still in use today.

Shortly before the Clone Wars Rendili participated in the liberation of Averam from the Trade Federation's invasion.

Later at the height of the Clone Wars Rendili StarDrive collaborated with Kuat Drive Yards to create the Victory-class Star Destroyer, a ship that was widely used by Galactic Republic during that time.

During the time of transition from Republic to Empire many executive officers of RSD watched with sorrow and shame as the ideals of the Old Republic were left behind one by one. Even as they continued to work with the Empire allowing it to use their vast facilities for the construction of the Star Destroyers, some of them were preparing an evacuation to Rim Territories.

In the first quarter of the SWC year 5 representatives of RSD and Republic Fleet Systems combined their efforts and completed relocation of their facilities to Moddell sector ceasing all affiliations with Galactic Empire. However the split from GE had serious consequences - many blueprints and facilities were left in the possession of the Empire.

In the Moddell sector Rendili StarDrive became closely associated with the young Avance Coalition and continues to expand its infrastructure to better serve its customers.


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