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Ceya Jaytee

Second in Command
  • Kurami Jankov
  • Xavze Zavan
  • Hexx Harpy
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Year 8 Day 236

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Elrood Sector


Red Star Alliance

It was not too long ago that seven bands of independent traders, prospectors, freighter pilots, and mercenaries in the Elrood sector of the galaxy decided to give their common goals a formal basis to work on. Seven hands, claws, and flippers were stretched out and laid upon each other on a round table in a plain conference room on Meris V, and people who had gone their own way before united their destinies under the symbol of the seven-pointed star. With the hope of freedom, peace, and prosperity for what they had come to love as their rightful homes, the members of the freshly born Red Star Alliance have since pushed back the remnants of their oppressors, the Galactic Empire, with unexpected effectiveness and success. They draw their strength not from greed for mundane trash but from the confidence of comradeship, not from mindless heaps of steel in cold space but from the red fire of passion burning in their hearts.


The Red Star Alliance controls the better part of Elrood Sector in the Outer Rim with the following systems under direct control:

There several contested systems between Red Star Alliance, Falleen Federation, BlastTech, Galactic Empire and Csilla Excavations.

Their future government is uncertain as of yet.


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