The Rebel Union is a freelance faction with 38 members. The RU is currently at war with the newly formed Krath Dynasty. After reforming the Kathol Republic to this new Imperial Order over the system, the Rebel Union was created.

The Rebel Union's TerritoryEdit

Leaders from the RU inform us only with a vague description. That is, the RU has it's main control on asteroids all around the Rimma Trade Route Remnants. The amount of asteroids the members currently patrol can be speculated at 5 from the number of tanks ordered by the government.

The Rebel Union's ForcesEdit

As of Year 9 Day 07 the RU had 15 Battle Droids 2 Destroyer Droids and had planned to obtain 5 H-1 Light Battle Tanks and 5 Cloakshape/H Fighters. For the Players in the RU, standard equipment is one pair of stun cuffs and a sidearm. The current number of Players in the Union is topping at a strong 38 members, an increase from it's previous 21 at last census.

Attacking the Krath DynastyEdit

The Rebel Union has not yet formally attacked the Krath Dynasty. As the war heats up you will be able to see the RU's attacks whether they be victories or defeats.



Because of the threat of the Krath Dynasty learning of the Union they moved the bulk of their operations out of the Kathol System completely until the time was right. Residing in a nearly deserted planet the leaders debate the next move for the small Rebellion.

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