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Ray Takarashi
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 6, Day 258

Date of death

Still alive

Physical description

Corellian (Human)




192 cm

Hair color


Eye color


Political information

Ray Takarashi was born on Corellia in the city of Coronet in year 15 BCGT. He has spent in there first year of his life. However from reasons unknown to him his family has moved to Coruscant. After month of living there his father has disappeared. His body was found a month later in the sewers. After funeral his mother decided to move from Coruscant to Nar Shaada. They lived in there peacefully for 10 years. Then in year 4 BCGT Ray mothers has been killed in gunfight between Exchange and some mercenaries. Ray’s older brother has joined Empire to earn money for to leave. He even got him into Imperial Academy when Ray became 18. After months of training Ray has learn perfectly how to pilot fighters and use different types of weaponry. Some Technicians even taught him how to repair ships and develop different types of ships and weapons. He also passed medical training. However after passing academy Ray hasn’t joined Empire. Reason of that was his brothers death in the year 6 CGT during patrol in the outer rim. His group was attacked by massive Exchange fleet. Ray was shocked when that info has reached him. He left Academy and returned to Corellia to determine what was beginning of that whole nightmare. Thanks to info he received from his brother few days before his death Ray has found his old house. He found datacard in there stating that his parents owed to Exchange terribly high amount of credits. When he was reading that two Exchange thugs has approached him. But Ray was faster than them. He quickly grabbed his Vibroblade and killed them in revenge. He traveled then to city of Saigetopia where he was contacted by Kyp Cley.

Job Offer[edit | edit source]

He offered him job in the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Ray has accepted. After short pickup by one of CEC agents Ray was brought to ship which was lent to him. During his stay in CEC, Exchange was dissolved due to some financial problems. Ray has smiled when he heard that. Unfortunately problems liked to follow him so after 2 months serving in CEC something has happened which has forced him to leave them half a month later. New Imperial Order has been formed from some Empire Defectors and got aid from CEC. Ray after general reformation and regrouping in CEC has left them and joined Mandalore.He served there for like three months and achieved rank of Flight Corporal. He liked that job but he felt that he must go on. Still being in contact with few of his former comrades Ray has joined Hapes Consortium where he served in Royal Hapan Navy. Ray left Hapes after 6 months. After brief experience with different factions he joined NAO.

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