The Raptor Pirates are the oldest pirate group in the Star Wars Combine. They are led by PaulDaJedi who has been leader since a month after their creation.


The Raptor Pirates are known for keeping out of the public spotlight in most of the day to day events of the Combine, however they are also known for having very active social interactions amongst themselves.


The Raptor Pirates were founded in Winter 1998 by "Dane," a former member of the Rebel Alliance High Command. Immediately after Dane formed the Raptor Pirates, he recruited PaulDaJedi, the leader of Rebel Special Forces and the former second-in-command of the Rebellion. Within two months Dane decided to rejoin the Rebellion and control of the Raptor Pirates was transferred to PaulDaJedi who remains the leader to this day.[1]


  • Raptor Pirates Banner Year 2 (Year 2)


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