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Ralois Hammer
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Abrath System

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None (Bald)

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Circa Year 3


Hammers Slammers

Colonel Ralois Hammer joined the Star Wars Combine circa Year 3 and was the founder of the eponymous mercenary unit: Hammer's Slammers.[1] The latter organization would gain renown as the nexus for many later famous characters such as Derek Shado,[2] an Eidolan pirate, and Xya Howie,[3] a ruler of Black Sun.


Colonel Ralois Hammer welded five thousand individual killers into a weapon more deadly than any other in the human universe. When a planetary government faces unfriendly natives, guerilla insurgents, or ruthless terrorists, they do the only thing that might save them: They hire Hammer's Slammers, the toughest, meanest bunch of mercenaries who ever wrecked a world for pay.

Known throughout the galaxy for their cold, ruthless ferocity, the men of Colonel Hammer's indomitable armored brigade routinely accept impossible missions. Again and again, they go up against overwhelming forces, or fight a two-front war against ferocious oppositions, all without atomizing their civilian employers. Can they keep doing it? Not if they abide by the rules of civilized warfare... but nobody ever said Hammers were nice. Even when their chances are not good--those who oppose them have no chance at all.[4]


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