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Raan Jodus is a former member of the Bounty Hunters Alliance (BHA) and an early officiate of its "Council of Blood." When Icarus stepped down as leader of the Bounty Hunters Alliance, he placed Raan Jodus, LickYLen, and Shaolin Longfist in command as "the first triumvirate." Thus the Council of Blood was born. The council proved so successful that it became the subsequent standard for governing the BHA.


Jodus was born on the planet of Kalidonn to a warrior family. His family were forced to leave their planet around the time of the Clone Wars. Mandalorian raiders had attacked the planet, and a war between the Raiders and the Kalidonnians blossomed to the point where the planet was destroyed by a Mandalore fleet. The surviving members of Kalidonnian society fled to the stars.

Over the years of space faring, the final population of Kalidonnian warriors dwindled from conflicts with pirates and other such groups. The House of Jodus was of the few remaining warriors: Raan, several brothers, uncles, his mother and his father. On a run past the Outer Rim, his mother was flying supplies to the recent home of the Kalidonn survivors. The vessel and convoy of crafts were attacked, looted and destroyed by a band of rogue Mandalorians. News spread to the colony, and the House of Jodus, along with several other warriors, tracked the raiders to an uninhabited jungle planet in the Unknown Regions. The combat that ensued left no survivors except young Raan Jodus, who returned to his colony planet to find it abandoned. Now after hunting pirates in the Far Rim, Raan continues his search for revenge as a member of the Bounty Hunters Alliance.

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