Name - Que-Kara Industries
Founded - Year 8, Day 348
Faction Type - Information
Leader Title - President
Current Faction leader - Mike Que-Kara
Current Second-in-Command - Krote Kalmar
Capital Sector - QKI Progenitor
Capital System - QKI Progenitor
Capital Planet - QKI Progenitor
Capital City - QKI Progenitor
Membership - Que-Karian
Symbol - Selkath
Motto - The Future of Transportation
Website - Que-Kara Industries Website
Artist- Phinneus Jackson

Que-Kara Industries is a logistics and information faction owned and operated by Mike Que-Kara.


Que-Kara Industries was founded on Year 8, Day 348 to a bankrupt Selkath named Mike Que-Kara spending all he had on a ship he started a company. A company which hopefully, one day, will be recognized as an official faction

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