Star Wars Combine

Mario "PtJedi" Dominguez was a Portuguese player in the early Star Wars Combine. Alongside Fizzban and Veynom, he was an instrumental figure in the creation of the simulation in December 1998.[1] Before the creation of the Combine, PtJedi was a respected member of the now-defunct "Star Wars Sim" (SWSIM).

3rd Naval Recon

In the days of SWSIM, PtJedi served in the Galactic Empire as a Lieutenant of Escort Company. This company was a subdivision of the 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet led by Commodore Gorn Veynom.[2] During this period, Veynom and PtJedi became friends.

When SWSIM dissolved in late 1998, Veynom and PtJedi asked an online acquaintance, Fizzban, to create a new simulation.[3] Shortly thereafter, Fizzban created the Star Wars Combine and began coding the Combine Commander (CCom), the first downloadable client required to play the simulation.

At the behest of Sim Master Fizzban, PtJedi and Peter "Theron Nett" Wagenet designed and coded the first Combine website. PtJedi then served as "leader of the Artists Team." He was also a member of A-Team in Rules Creation led by Piett.[4]

On Year 1 Day 136, PtJedi retired from the Galactic Empire to focus on developing the Combine.[5]

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