Thrax1 Thrax Mincoul Edit

Year 6 Day 207 0:31 I'd like to suggest we add police stations. They'd be a 2x2 or 3x3ish sized building, basically anything smaller than a prison. My reasoning is that they're a helluva lot mroe common irl than prisons and imo is alot more realisitic to plop down a police station to deal with crime than a big old prison which would be used to combat more serious cases of crime.

Possibly restrict them to secuirty factions and govs or something like that.

Jarvis20067ag Deakon Jarvis Edit

Year 6 Day 207 2:06 I be keen to see that, and hopefully they will reduce crime as well in a city, they would be great as tempory lock up places till transported to actual Prison. And a place for NPC police/security to hang out....:p

Tycho80 Tycho Celchu Edit

Year 6 Day 207 2:06 What he said ^

Wilhelm Wilhelm von Ismay Edit

Year 6 Day 207 2:31 I've been wondering why they weren't added in before, honestly.

Spiritual Kayleb Edit

Year 6 Day 207 3:07 "Law enforcement center" sounds a bit better than "police station", but yeah.

Main Warren Hunt Edit

sounds good to me :)

Swvavatar Cam Antilles Edit

Quote:I've been wondering why they weren't added in before, honestly.

They were suggested and accepted by the Rules Team before, they've just been buried under piles and piles of paperwork.

Jango11 Adar Ree Edit

  • sets pile on fire* , let the creativity start :)

Halgandthumb Hal Breden Edit

You fool! You just burned the entire ship stats update!!!

Starkiller-new1 Roy Starkiller Edit

  • holds up a USB 4GB Giga Bank drive, then places it back in his pocket

I spent too much time on those stats to let some pyromaniac get his jollies destroying my work. I hold backups on this drive in my hand.

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