Phoenix Carder
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1.8 meters

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Dorinian Military Corps, Confederacy of Independent Systems

Phoenix Carder is an adviser to the Dorinian Military Corps.

Description Edit

Averaged built human male. He tends to be withdrawn and introspective. Not a person who normally would initiate a conversation but will give his opinion and advice when asked. Phoenix excels with independent missions and seems to be a loaner. He normally is seen wearing Brown pants, Green shirt, a brown jacket.

Biography Edit

Phoenix grew up on the streets of Corellia never knowing who his parents were since he was abandoned at a young age. He floated from foster home to foster home until he finally was old enough for his "parents" to no longer care if he came back or not. He made his way to the shipyards where he took on odd jobs for the shipyards. There he learned how to fly by moving ships into the maintenance hangars. After a few months of working there (and lying on his application), he was recruited by Jeeva Oob into the DMC. A few days later he was picked up by Cypher Diaz for his trip to Telti. After getting a crash course in piloting he started flying for the DMC under the wing of then Director Neth Dharek.

In the following months he watched as the DMC grew and the Galactic Empire tried to invade. Along with Neth and Cypher, he remained vigilant in defending the DMC's interests in the system and the GE threat was stopped. A few months later He was promoted to Commander and started a rigorous training program (initiated by Director Dharek) for the new recruits to the Safety Department.

As what happens with most young Correlians he developed wanderlust and left the DMC to explore the universe. After a few months he returned to his new home. Since then he was selected as temporary Director of Safety in the absence of Director Neth. During this time, he set up a couple of training exercises to test the Department of Safety Telti's preparedness for a threat. After the first exercise he was impressed meanwhile the second never happened due to a new crisis in the system.

In the subsequent months Phoenix welcomed back Neth and gladly stepped down from his post as Director of Safety in order to bring about a person more vocal and with greater skills at the job: Mirk Eagle. Since that time, he has performed mostly independent missions for the CEO Drega Loas and welcomed his role as Adviser in the DMC.

Ranks Edit


  • Adviser (DMC)


  • Director of Safety (DMC)
  • Commander Department of Safety Telti (DMC)
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