Phillip Bromley is a freelance mercenary and self-proclaimed combat strategist.

Phillip Bromley
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Freelance mercenary

Career in the Trade FederationEdit

Phillip started off his adulthood by joining the Trade Federation army. He was assigned to do reconnaissance missions, and to do this job he was made pilot of a YT-510 freighter.

Although his work was tedious: Scanning every ship in the system and recording all the revealed data, he did it with excellence and was only confirmed to have been detected once, but his detection in other instances may have been unannounced.

Phillip had also participated in a variety of military drills with the Trade Federation, including one where he himself played as the intruding vessel. In one instance, there was a drill where the Trade Federation practiced a simulated attack against the Galactic Empire, in which Phillip Bromley took part.

He frequently took vacations from him work to attend personal matters, mostly picking up items he purchased. The Trade Federation became unhappy with this practice and deducted his pay. Despite a reduced paycheck, he continued to work for the Trade Federation, until he was fired. After being fired he made his money by trading ships and various items, all the while collecting items for his personal use.

Acquiring his PLY-3000Edit

Steelflex Avenger

The Steelflex Avenger

One day, his best friend Skye Sarn, gave him a brand new PLY-3000. It was named the Steelflex Avenger. He went all-out customizing his new ship, he installed blast doors, painted it new colors, and put a safe in the cockpit to store his valuable items. A duo of Battle Droids patrols the corridors of his ship, ready to take action against any unauthorized passengers. Phillip prizes his PLY-3000, and is looking forward to performing more upgrades to it in the future.

Current WorkEdit

Phillip is currently a part-time trader, and will take any opportunity to make money. He has plans to build a small but formidable fleet of ships to aid him in his mercenary duties.

Out of CharacterEdit

Phillip Bromley refers to himself as a "Combat Strategist" and frequently posts in forum topics regarding combat. He has also published a comparison of freighters with large sensor packages. It is titled "Phillip Bromley's Ultimate Freighter Comparison". It has received much criticism, but also praise.

He is also known for the creation of the Phillip Bromley smiley, which is an emoticon featuring Phillip Bromley's helmet. He has used it from his days in the Trade Federation to present day.

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