Pablo's Haulage Hire Ltd is a small transport business based in the Glythe sector, owned by Pablo Dion, the former Director of Sales for the Techno Union.


Pablo's Haulage Hire will offer rental services for W-23 Star Haulers, Drop Ship Transports, Action IV Transporters, Gallofree Haulers and Bulk Freighters. The company's target customers will be city builders requiring both mineral hauling and personnel transport capabilities.

Ships are rented at a set monthly fee hauler. Monthly hiring periods begin upon pickup of the hauler.

The monthly hiring period is a duration of 30 days from pickup. If the hauler is not returned back in the position of pickup within the 30 days, there will be a charge of 25k for every day elapsed, or there will be an option to extend the hiring period for another month at the normal rate of 300k

Interested clients can contact Pablo Dion through the Star Wars Combine Darkness messaging system.

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