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Tapar Craken

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Year 5 Day 103


Year 9 Day 215

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Order of Krath

The Order of Krath are to be feared. Merging both Force Powers and Physical Prowess, the Krath are Divine in the ways of Dark Rulings. The Order calls on your sense of Greed and Power. Through such manipulations, strife and discord shall be achieved, and in turn the wealth of the Order will be revealed. The Order calls on your sense of Conquest. Death and destruction await you. Shall it be yours, or your enemies? The Order calls on your sense of Fear. All that stand in your path shall succumb to the desires of a soul writhing in the ways of the Dark. To be feared is the greatest power; Those that say otherwise shall be shown, and they will know. Let the Jedi die in battle, and the Sith bicker over their tarnished crowns. In the end, they will only know what we choose to teach them. All is well, here in the Dark.

On Year 9 Day 215, the Order of Krath was dissolved due to bankruptcy. It was reformed the following day as a religious faction lead by Grandmaster Tapar Craken.


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