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Olderado Paegis
Biographical information

Glee Anselm

Physical description





2 meters

Eye color

Black, Green pupils

Skin color


Political information


Olderado Paegis is a 2m high Nautolan, taller than the races average height of 1.8m. He has many short 'Head Tails' fused with ancestral markings and durasteel tail clasps. He has large black eyes with a small green pupil. His skin is a rare tone of green.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Olderado's parents owned a nerf farm on Glee Anselm, Nautolan home planet. As a child Olderado always dreamnt of being a jedi, like Kit Fisto, who saved him during a Galactic Empire raid upon the planet. His father continuously put him down telling him that nerf farming was the only thing he would be good at.

When Olderado came of age (usually 27 for a Nautolan) it was time for Olderado to take on his family business, but he ran away and stowed away onboard a weapons ship going to Kashyyyk. He arrived in the capital city of Rwookrrorro where he became apprentice of Luwakoro, an exiled Wookie Militant. He learned many things from Luwakoro including weapons R&D, Medical R&D and ground tactics. His master was arrested and executed after attempting to sabotage military plans.

Olderado then moved on to working under Wookie general, Attichitcuk as a Specialist Weapons engineer and was invited to join him in the senate after a major political feud with theTrandoshans. During his visit to the senate he met up with Wookie jedi, Tyvokka, who began training him on how to harness the force, but he left to fight in the Kashyyyk war and didn't have chance to finish his training. He was left to scavenge and smuggle without any form of income. He began scrapping together what he had and began work on his own model of lightsaber. He eventually ran out of money and was left on the streets until Drega Loas rescued him and invited him to join the DMC, Dorinian Military Corps. He accepted, but still today his prowess within the DMC has still to be revealed...

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