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Dr. Nolain Rockport
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Year -33 / Day 142

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2.31 meters

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Techno Union, CIS


Dr. Rockport hurries to a patient's aid.

Dr. Rockport, known as Nolain to his close friends and fellow environmentalists, is a formerly well known Ithorian doctor of psychology. Many remember his name because of his very popular subspace show (based on his home planet of Ithor) dealing with everyday romantic issues (he once even helped a Wookiee and a Mon Calamari overcome last minute wedding day jitters during the middle of a firefight). This seemed like the dream job for a young Ithorian that wanted to prove himself to the herd. Then things began to change.

He is friendly and helpful to most that request his assistance. He is slightly taller then most Ithorians, and dastardly handsome. Many female Ithorians throw themselves at him. Despite his fame as a talk show host and eco-warrior, he is a very down to earth and humble person.


About seven years ago he found a new life focus. The continued efforts by the Empire to destroy the Galaxy through unethical environmental practices forced the good doctor to start taking the issue into his own hands. Along with several other fellow minded Ithorians, he formed a radical group of eco-freedom fighters. They waged a fairly unsuccessful fight to stop several Imperial efforts. Ithorians are pacifists and are not the best fighters, but the effort was made and some good was done. Regardless of the small good they did, after about two years the bulk of his group was captured by the Empire and imprisoned. He spent five years in an Imperial Concentration Camp. Most of his close friends and fellow Ithorians involved in the fight against the Empire were either killed or died of malnutrition during this imprisonment. Only due to his adaptability in dealing with new situations (eating flesh) did Dr. Rockport survive this traumatic situation. He now has no problem eating meat or fighting for what he believes is right, though he often feels regret about slaughtering thousands of helpless people in an effort to save the environment.

After he was released from Imperial control (the details of this situation are unknown, and remain classified) he wandered the Galaxy trying to find himself and his future. He ran into an old friend in the Glythe sector, Riley Moonrigger. Riley offered an opportunity with the Techno Union, a group known for environmentally friendly ship building practices. Dr. Rockport jumped on board and is now slowly trying to return to a normal life after such a frantic last ten years.

Dr. Rockport has become a specialist in discovering raw materials, spending the best part of the last year search several systems. The extra time available while search for RMs has allowed Dr. Rockport to work diligently on his skill set. While always staying busy, he always has time to help out someone who needs advice.

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