Screenshot of the ICIS, a Visual Basic program coded by Niko.

Nick "Niko" Moylan is a talented programmer from New Zealand who was instrumental in the early development of the Star Wars Combine. He was responsible for conceptualizing and coding the Interactive Combine Information System (ICIS). The ICIS was a Visual Basic 6.0 program which, in April 2000, replaced the Combine Commander and HoloCom clients as the primary application for the Star Wars Combine.


Niko stumbled upon the Star Wars Combine on November 29, 1999, while browsing the "Star Wars Top 200" sites. As an amateur programmer, he was intrigued by the Combine's advertisement of "a downloadable client."

Impressed by the incomplete game, Niko applied for a position as programmer and was accepted by Sim Master Fizzban as a member of the Combine development team. During the third week of December 1999, Niko began coding an average of 15 hours per week. He would eventually spend 2-3 hours each day programming the ICIS client. Niko desired the ICIS to be "a total simulation experience," and believed that DirectX 8.0 could make that dream a reality.

Eventually, Niko retired as lead programmer of the Star Wars Combine and his ICIS client was replaced by the Darkness interface in December 2003.

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