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| gender = Male
| gender = Male
| height = 6 ft 7 in
| height = 6 ft 7 in
| hair = Black
| hair = Brown
| eyes = Blue
| eyes = Blue
| affiliation = [[Black Sun]]
| affiliation = [[Black Sun]]

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Nicholas Haines
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year -14, Day 202

Date of death


Physical description





6 ft 7 in

Hair color


Eye color


Political information

Black Sun



New Anzat Order

Nicholas first began his career within the New Anzat Order, within the military (Ground forces) under CO Degan Dassa. He quickly moved through the ranks, finally reaching status of Battlegroup commander after the defection of his CO due to personal issues. Soon after, Nicholas caught wind of a greater, much more interesting cause. That of Black Sun, a criminal organization, reborn under Prince Flynn and turned Government.

Black Sun

Soon after joining Black Sun, Nicholas quickly assumed the position of head logistics CO by Vigo Grin Cho. Nicholas was tasked with gathering scattered assets, in the wake of the New Republic Coup. Working diligently, Haines gained the reputation as an efficient, hard working individual. Gaining prestige within the group, he was approached by Prince Regent Ingo R. Vailis.

After countless discussions with the regent, Nicholas created the 'Yojimbo' battlegroup with his blessing. With the Darkstar battleship at his helm, and a variety of MC class cruisers, Nicholas turned the small logistics group into a fully fledged military wing. Nicholas was named CO of this group, until later being promoted to the overall Black Sun Warlord XO, under regent Ingo R. Vailis.

Noteworthy Achievements

- Planned and executed the assassination of Political pest, Oilios Katastrefor.

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