Name - Nautolan Society
Founded - Year 7 Day 150
Leader Title - Overlord
Current Faction leader - Siejo Kutol
Current Second-in-Command -un decided
Capital Sector - Dolomar
Capital System - Pantolomin
Capital Planet - Valakivir
Capital City - Nauto Prime
Website - Nautolan Society Site
Forced to flee their home on Glee Anselm, a groups of Nautolans headed into the Galaxy in search of a planet to begin new civilizations. One such Nautolan was Pixelor Xess. Due to his strong ability to lead, Pixelor was appointed leader of the group A quiet veteran in the galaxy, Pixelor was


hardly heard from, but known by many. He made the most of every opportunity that has come his way. At the high point of his career, Pixelor was worth 3/4 of a billion in capital value. He used his wealth and influence of his highly successful career to help his fellow Nautolans reach such heights. The Nautolan Society provides a framework for Nautolans spread throughout the Galaxy. It provides the financial assistance and networking that allows Nautolans to succeed. The


Nautolan Society is composed of two clans: the Civil clan, known as the Nautola, and the mysterious warrior clan, known as the Rak’Qua.

With the sudden death of Pixelor Xess, The Nautolan Society faced extreme hardships, some of which almost pulled the society apart. Siejo Kutol took it upon himself to claim the mantle of Overlord, purchasing control of Valakivir out of private hands, and promising to expand the society to even greater heights then those who left their homeworld ever dreamed. Immediately initiating great construction projects on Nauto Prime, Kutol brought in large amounts of jobs, which were followed by large amounts of immigrants to take the jobs. The large metropolis started to expand and the Pantolomin System entered into an age of growth and prosperity. Soon after the acquisition of Valakivir, Tolsaudyn and Kirogost also fell under the Rule of the Nautolan Society.


Overlord Siejo Kutol

Clan Nautola

  • Tecro Saul Cohmre
  • Contra Lord Zao Nephalem
  • Naltan Nars Volton
  • Nauto Stech Kiqui
  • Nauto Losot Sonem
  • Nauto Cristofer Blackmoon

Clan Rak’Qua

  • Tecro K'Nithor Drevan
  • Oraki Troy Vessor
  • Oraki Kai Xaviar
  • Osari Zethron Merr
  • Osari Ike Aran
  • Osari Vorn Konne
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