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The Nautolans, sometimes referred to as the Nautiloids, were an amphibious humanoid species from the planet Glee Anselm. Although they established settlements across their aquatic homeworld, most Nautolan civilization was found in the Sabilon region. The most well known Nautolan was Jedi Master Kit Fisto, a hero of the Clone Wars.

History and politics

Nautolan history is marked by periodic, brief conflicts with the non-amphibious Anselmi since they discovered each other millennia before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Most conflicts were usually prompted by Anselmi encroachment on Nautolan territory, but fishing rights, subaquatic development and waste disposal were also causes. Each of the conflicts was quickly resolved by the Nautolans' martial superiority grinding the Anselmi aggression to a standstill, although several occasions required the involvement of the Galactic Republic to force a resolution.

Biology and appearance

Nautolans possessed physiology common to amphibious species, including low light vision and excellent swimming skills. They stood an average of 1.8 meters, had smooth green, blue, or brown skin and large, lidless, black eyes.

Nautolans possessed exceptional olfactory and pheromone sensing skills, enhanced by head-tresses. These tendrils were used to detect the emotional state of another being, but were most effective underwater. Within Nautolan culture, the ability to sense pheromone changes was an essential part of the communication process. All Nautolans had 14 tentacles.

Like their sense of smell, Nautolan language was also maximized for use underwater and not fully pronounceable in a gaseous atmosphere. Because of the loss in linguistic detail, most Nautolans chose to speak Anselminan or Galactic Basic when traveling offworld. In addition, Nautolans used other communicative cues when submerged, such as reading the swirls in other Nautolans' large black eyes.

Society and culture

Little is known about Nautolan culture, as few Nautolans left Glee Anselm, but their music was occasionally found amongst savvy music collectors. Nautolan music was comprised of sustained notes held in irregular patterns with occasional pauses. These pauses were considered the most important part of the music to the Nautolans, causing non-Nautolan listeners to misunderstand their artistic intent.

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