Name - Clan Nautola
Founded - Year 8 Day 105
Leader Title - Tecro
Current Faction leader - Siejo Kutol
Current Second-in-Comand - Zao Nephalem
Capital Sector - Dolomar
Capital System - Pantolomin
Capital Planet - Valakivir
Capital City - Nauto Prime

The Clan Nautola grew from the need of the Nautolan Race to rule itself in the underwater world of Glee Anselm. Deep in the Nautolan past, youths were groomed to be politicians. Families planned on their young males to grow to help rule the large underwater Utopia. Only in their spare time would youths' be instructed in the art of war. It was not until the discovery of the world above, and the subsequent discovery of the war-like Anselmi, that a need for warriors was a priority to the Nautolan peoples. With this change in attitudes, fewer and fewer Nautolan youths were reared with the ideal of Politics. This helped these few develop themselves into an elite group, later known as the Clan Nautola, that would help lead their race in this confrontation and many more in the future. After the flight form Glee Anselm, the displaced Nautolan's looked to the Nautola Tecro to help lead them and the newly created Nautolan Society.

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