[20:37] <Alexei_Derrnon> Banned for what?
[20:39] <Nalah> Being a very naughty boy.
[20:40] <Wilhelm> For putting into Shine's wiki that he's in the Lyran Union, Lex
[20:41] <Wilhelm> In the "Compedia"
[20:41] <Degan-Dassa> hahaha!
[20:41] <Wilhelm> Apparently that's hacking (editing a public wiki) and "spying"

Nalah Cherokee, Guinar. I apologise in advance for Syrus coming to you telling you that I am trying to sleep with/kill you. I was only playing around, and he took me seriously.
Alexei_Derrnon Rofl.
Grunks ...
Nalah Now he is trying to interrogate me!
Nalah Now he's trying to employ me
Nalah, he's trying to capture me
Cherokee As long as the sleep with applies to me and the kill you applies to Guinar, I don't see a huge problem with that.
Nalah I did.
Nalah it*
Cherokee nods
Cherokee Excellent.

Nalah yawns
Nalah> I had a dream about phryss last night
Nalah> It was really weird
Nalah> Been watching members and traders for her to say something so I can tell her about it
Nalah> Since, I somehow figure actively searching her out to tell her about it is more creepy than it actually happening

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