Nafro Coto
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 6, Day 201

Date of death

Year 7, Day 85

Physical description





190 cm

Eye color


Political information

Trade Federation, Confederacy of Independent Systems

One of the most dazzling and gorgeous male Twi'leks the Galaxy has seen. He was born in Ryloth. He had an uncommon good childhood in a place surrounded by slave traders and drug dealers. He was also privileged to have both of his parents at that age, contrary to most kids in Ryloth.

He went to the best school, and attended the best University in the Orus Sector to become what he always wished: a true merchant. And he became that: In times of the Old Republic he started a business of glyterryl, a drug. The main problem wasn’t the moral implications, but the strong laws imposed by the Senate to stop illegal smuggling. He almost went to bankruptancy until the Galactic Empire took over control of the Galaxy. With all the chaos in the Core and in the bigger planets, the Emperor had more important things to take care of than regulating illegal merchandise in a god-forsaken planet like Ryloth.

He started over again with the drug dealing, but soon enough the Galaxy was interested in Ryloth once again. The Empire came to his planet and captured thousands of Twi'leks and forced them to slavery. Nafro was shocked: people were coming to his planet, taking the resources and he was not getting any kind of profit, so he did what any good-hearted sentient would do... he started a slave business. His pocket and his body grew so much, that he suddenly saw Ryloth too small for him. Therefore he left his business, changed his name to a more understandable one, and he searched through the galaxy for a new place to bloom. He found that place in Nikklon Mining and the Trade Federation, where he spent his life as a notorious diplomat, and a recognized member of the Recruitment Department.

But, he was always tantalized for getting more money. So, Nafro ran across some dubious forms of getting it: without the approval of the Trade Federation, he started smuggling slaves in the far reaches of the Galaxy. Proving to be a nice and profitable way to make easy money, he started to arrange the transport of "the merchandise" himself, so he could save some money. Unfortunately, free money does not always come as free as we want it, and while being in hyperspace alone with twenty slaves, he was betrayed by the safety locks of his ship. A mutiny rose, and Nafro was found dead after the ship came out of hyper. No slave was found aboard.

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