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The Naboo are one of the races that make their home on Naboo (planet), though the Naboo are the most prominent species while the Gungans tend to keep to themselves. The Naboo are originally settlers that made their way several thousand years ago from the distant planet of Grizmallt. The Naboo sought out a new homeworld due to the dying wishes of their last Queen and discovered the planet of Naboo after many failed exploration attempts made in the past. Though the Naboo share their homeworld with the Gungans, they have for countless years tried to avoid any direct contact with the native inhabitants of the planet, only to establish a trading relationship with each other as they realized it was essential to the survival of both races.

As for the Naboo themselves, they are known for their beautiful structures constructed in such cities as Theed, as well as their elegant forms of art displayed throughout the planet and their nature of being known as a peaceful race. The Naboo are also known for their ability to negotiate as well as their stance on any form of hostility, seeking a peaceful resolution over a potential lethal form of solution. The Naboo have a different approach then most other forms of society as they base each persons status within the society not from age, but on intellectual maturity as in the past there have been several monarchs of the planet whom haven't reached the age of 18, which is considered by most other human races as being an adult.


Not officially a species of their own, the Naboo have adopted that name as a reference to their stake of the planet of Naboo, and of their cultural differences from other Human races, such as the Corellians and Courscanti.

The Naboo have had hard relations with the other sentients of Naboo the Gungans, who refer the humans of Naboo as the "Naboo" as well. The Gungans are more than happy to leave the offworld politics to the Naboo, as they are reclusive and stay to their underwater cities.

The Naboo are sometimes regarded as one of the more regal human races, along with the Alderaanian, because of their peaceful demeanor and stance. Art, Architecture, Philosophy, and Politics are things that Naboo are taught from a young age, the capital city of Theed is one of the best examples of Nabooian architecture. The Naboo are also avid believers in a clean atmosphere, that is why they have made the plasma industry flourish, as it is a clean energy.

Famous Star Wars Combine NabooEdit

Danakin Turner

Draith Shadux

Ezarc Thorn

Ghon Webb

Gilbert Taylor

Jevon Lambright

Kieran Traejik

Lee Adama

Mishelle Allari

Combine SkillsEdit

  • Force probability: 5%
  • HP Bonus: +0
  • Race Multiplier: 1.0
  • R&D Facilities: 1
  • Race Restrictions:
    • None
  • Terrain Restrictions:
    • Gas Giant
    • Ocean
    • Volcanic
  • NPC: 9 to 28 HP
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