Email Protocol

All emails sent to one or more members of the New Imperial Order, must follow the same format as this one. They should be sent to the primary recipient, and CC'ed to the secondary recipient. Use the rank and handle of you and your recipients. The following three fields are mandatory for every official e-mail :

To: CC: From:

You use an honorific when sending an e-mail to anyone; if it is being sent to someone of equal or lesser rank, you use their rank; if it is being sent to a superior, you use "Sir." At the end of your email is your signature. My signature follows this format :

(your full rank and handle) (group name, if you hold a significant position in group you also write it here) (your main branch, IE : New Imperial Navy or New Imperial Army) (if you also work in other branches, put them and your position here) New Imperial Order (your awards) COMMLINK – (which is usually the number of your ICQ, or MSN) (quote)

Features marked blue are optional.

You must remember that your Group`s name and your position in a group is CLASSIFIED, so you only place it in your signature in mails sent to your CO,XO or other group members. For example, if I would write a mail to you I would sign it like this :

Flight Officer Marius Drake New Imperial Navy COMPNOR – ICR, IAc New Imperial Order [LOC1][ICA][NOM][CMM][ISM-half]

[Unnecessary Quotation Deleted]

After my rank and handle, I put my main branch, since info about my group assignment is CLASSIFIED. Also my ICQ number and quote can be seen on the forum, so I don’t use them in my emails.

And you must also remember, if you`re writing to any non-NIO personnel, you either don’t use your signature at all (place only your handle), or use it in a shortened form like this:

(your rank and handle) (main branch) New Imperial Order

Nothing else, as outside NIO such information is CLASSIFIED.

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