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Lord Mustafa al-Qadrim is the current Hapan Deputy Minister of External Affairs.


An urbane aristocrat, Qadrim forged a successful career within the Galactic Empire, beginning his service within the Imperial Army, but moved soon into the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR). There al-Qadrim served in numerous capacities, notably as a diplomat and member of the Select Committee that ran COMPNOR. Unlike a many of his peers, Qadrim chose to stay within the Empire when Greyson Uebles ascended to the Throne. For most of Uebles reign he served as second in command of the Imperial Inquisition. Due to the loss of many Charonist officers, Qadrim also assisted in rebuilding the Imperial Army, primarily as an adviser and administrator; he also took a number of the Army's rising stars under his wing. After the dissolution of the Inquisition he served in various mid-ranking Governmental and Army posts before finally leaving Imperial service. Moving to the Hapes Consortium, Qadrim has since served as either Deputy Minister or Minister of External Affairs.

Whilst serving in COMPNOR, Qadrim set up the shadowy Imperial Department of Psychological Study and Evaluation and became it's founding Director. An enthusiastic student of the Sentient Condition, he would later describe this as the highlight of his Imperial career. When the sons of Qadrim's friend Victor von Ismay took control of the New Anzat Order, they named the primary mental health centre on Anzat the Mustafa al-Qadrim Centre for Psychological Study and Evaluation.

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