More about Eidola

I see that Eidola has given up on their current mark to go after what they call rivals. I have 2 things to say to this. First, they show their cowardice in doing so. Second, the only people do defend themselves as such are criminals. Their crime is terrorisim. They put forth the image of an unshakable pirate force, complete with their own "Code". I say that any group that makes breaking laws and killing citisens enemies of the entire galaxy. Just like any terrorists they run and hide at the first sign of danger, and 90% of the words from their filthy mouths is simply propaganda.

I urge Governments to tighten their restrictions on terrorist interaction. Make dealings with them punishable by arrest at the very least. I also would ask that they issues broad range warrants for these criminals, so that all my participate in their capture and swift decent into justice. I would also ask that Security groups strengthen their patrols, and bounty hunters seek the pirates, Kier and 2 of his underlings all have prices on their head, and have a nice stock of ships, many of which are unmaned due to their lack of "membership".

As long as everyone realized that a great deal of their power comes from their so called "spys" and information about other groups. These are no pirates, they are a cult, a clan perhaps. There is no way of life, or honor, not even a cause, its chaos and it must be stoped. Should anyone want to join me in the fight against these terrorists, feel free to send me a message via Holo. And should any group have, or need more information about these outlaws and their locations, I can also attempt to accomidate.

Hacked by: Blackthorne Faction: Raptor Pirates Date: Year 7 Day 79 Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette Ravens Moon in system Pii (234, -276).

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