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Year 0 Day 218

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Bounty Hunter Alliance

The Moon Bandits, a defunct Non-Faction Group (NFG) in the Star Wars Combine, was a confederacy of thieves. The organization later joined the Bounty Hunter Alliance as a squadron and rechristened themselves "the Screaming Banshees." Its core members eventually joined Centrepoint Space Station (CSS) and, after several years, departed to establish the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation.

Notable members of this organization included Friar Blues and Talord.


The Moon Bandits, a self-styled "pirate clan" led by Friar Blues, was primarily composed of smugglers and thieves. After the emergence of the Bounty Hunter Alliance, the Bandits merged with that organization. As such, the Moon Bandits dissolved on Year 0 Day 218 and became the Screaming Banshees, a Bounty Hunter Alliance squadron.

Eventually, the Screaming Banshees attracted the unwelcome attention of a crime syndicate known as the Black Sun. The exact cause of the feud between the two collectives remains undetermined, but some claim it was the bitter rivalry between Friar Blues and the leader of the Black Sun, Princess Gabriella Storm. At the height of this feud, an unfortunate accident forced Friar Blues to retire from the Screaming Banshees. Sometime later Friar reappeared as head of the station security of Centrepoint Space Station. In later years it was rumored a Lum addiction had finally caught up with him; however, there were whispers that he was plotting a new scheme.

This was confirmed when a long time comrade, Talord the Wookiee, joined Friar at Centrepoint Space Station as 2nd-in-command of station security. Soon afterward, Friar, Talord, and several ex-Moon Bandits broke off once again to establish the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation.

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