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Moff Mitth`oro`nuruodo is a senior member of the Imperial High Command. The Chiss Moff was successfully ambushed on Year 9 Day 55 by the New Republic military; only three days after news of Emperor Vodo Bonias' critical condition broke.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Believed to have been the longest serving non-human member of Imperial High Command in history, the details of Mitth`oro`nurudo's career are nonetheless little known. The first confirmed identification of him was in early Year 6, when he was already serving as an adviser to Emperor Vodo Bonias, with a seat on Imperial High Command. Some reports theorize Mitth`oro`nuruodo was a former associate of Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma, who was captured and sentenced to death by the Rebel Alliance for crimes against sentient beings. Regardless of his origins, it is known that he was sent by the Galactic Empire to attempt to prop up Isoldor Storm's Chiss Ascendancy. After the assassination of Storm Mitth`oro`nuruodo returned to the Empire, serving as Moff of Oversector Kuat, a position that granted him near limitless authority within the region.

Capture[edit | edit source]

During heavy combat between the New Republic Military and Black Nebula pirates on Csilla, a small number of Imperials caught up in the fighting were detained. In a surprising move, the commander of Republic forces on Csilla, High Admiral Frollo the White, was contacted by the Imperial Moff who sought release of the captured team. The Admiral ordered a staged release of some Imperial prisoners, who were tracked to their extraction point. Valkyrie Longprobes, part of the military recon element present, reported the arrival of an Imperial Bulk Freighter, but gave it a wide berth. Republic forces on the surface, under the Admiral's personal command, remained on high alert for the next eight hours, preparing an ambush.

The commitment paid off; the Bulk Freighter's poor sensors were unable to detect the camouflaged force waiting for them, which struck as soon as the Imperial crew left the freighter. Mitth`oro`nuruodo was taken prisoner as a result of the highly successful operation. In his after action report, High Admiral Frollo the White described it as a "textbook ambush". No serious injuries were suffered by either side, although one soldier was transferred to a Mon Calamari Cruiser for treatment.

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