The Ministry of Truth is the Galactic Empire's public relations wing. Headed by Pro-Consul Zee Wolf, the department takes responsibility for the Empire's GNS broadcasts and entanglements with the media. The Ministry is also responsible for some diplomatic functions, often called upon to open diplomatic negotiations in sensitive situations, and liase with foreign governments on issues of extradition. It is staffed by some of the brightest government minds, and Zee Wolf draws from these to create his personal staff, notable members have been, Alexander Fel, Zee Wolf's right hand man, in the directorate. He was promoted out of the Ministry to the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence. Staff Officer Penthor Mull, a long serving Officer who sits as Zee Wolfs Propaganda Officer, ensuring the proper internal flow of Information is sent to the right sources. and the newst addition, is Staff Officer Tyreal Atreides, who Alexander Fel, promoted as his replacement, as Zee Wolf's Second in command at the Ministry.

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